Thursday, 21 January 2010


I have found out that Tesco currently have a planning application to build a supermarket about 200 yards from my office. This will compliment the other two within a 3 mile radius, one of which is within walking distance of my house.

Personally, I would have thought that 2 gargantuan supermarkets owned by the same company within 6 miles of each other was quite enough. But obviously not for Tesco. Whatever happened to competition?

I'm sick of Tesco. Their store layouts are like something off the Krypton Factor - they're designed to coerce you into wandering around the whole bloody shop, determined to squeeze even more £s out of you in impulse buys. I'm sick of seeing their hideous red neon lights glowering out into the night. I'm sick of their 'self-service' tills, which I have an innate desire to smash with a chair, and I can't help but swear at every time I'm forced to use one. I'm sick of their 'half price special offers', which try to flog shit you don't need at the same price as everywhere else. How can it be half price if it's the same as everywhere else?!

No more, please. If people desperately want to go to Tesco, then driving (at most) 3 miles is no hardship. And it's not as if I live in London, or some place equally urban. I'm talking about the uttermost outskirts of Nottingham. 5 mins' walk and you're in the countryside. Not exactly rural, but certainly not a bastion of population density. Is it really necessary to have a 3rd supermarket?

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