Thursday, 4 February 2010

US Missile Shield

The US Government has just announced that it's missile shield interceptor system will be hosted by Romania.

Well, that's sure to annoy the Russians, even with the Americans insisting that it's to defend their allies against Iran.

All the political and foreign affairs consequences aside, the whole principle of the missile defence seems to be completely preposterous.

Consider that an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), which is the standard delivery vehicle for weapons of mass destruction, travels at an average speed of Mach 14. That's 14 times the speed of sound, and about 5 times as fast as a speeding bullet. And the American plan for defending against such a weapon? To shoot it out of the sky with another, smaller, missile.

On top of that, given that you can't entirely predict which course the missile will take, as you don't know for certain where it has been launched from, or where it's going, shooting it down is like trying to shoot a speeding bullet with another smaller bullet, whilst riding a horse and wearing a blindfold.

In other words, damn near impossible.

Frightening thought.

However, my point is, if it's damn near impossible to defend against such a weapon, why bother? Better to spend the money on something else.

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