Sunday, 21 March 2010

Astrophotography [UPDATED]

I'm starting to get into this astrophotography lark, after I got a proper telescope for Christmas.

It's pretty cool! I've only just started to get to grips with it, but I've already seen Mars, sunspots and solar flares on the surface of the Sun, and even Saturn's rings!

Pretty cool, eh?

Not as cool as what I'm now starting to figure out.

Astrophotography, here we come!

Now, in the days before digital cameras, astrophotography (taking photos using a telescope) was very difficult and expensive. You effectively needed a Single Lens Reflex camera, and fancy adapters and lenses to actually focus the light.

But now, there's a much simpler way of doing it - afocal astrophotography, which simply means pointing the camera down the eyepiece.

Hence, my first effort - a picture of the Sun. I'm pretty pleased with this first effort, given that I'm crap at using my camera, and have no real equipment to help me!

I need some stuff to help me produce some better images:

  • A mount to fix my camera to my telescope, to avoid wobbles
  • New eyepieces with long eye relief, i.e. wider apertures
  • The ability to use my camera's manual focus!


Now that Youtube has finished 'processing' (read: dicking about with) my video:

The moon!

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