Monday, 10 May 2010

Brown Resigns

Wonderful – the one time I actually DON’T want him to resign (because his apparent desperation to stay in Number 10 drives the Lib Dems towards the Conservatives with the potential of forming a majority coalition), and the bastard actually does it.

So now the Lib Dems are going to talk to Labour to see what they’ve got to offer. Which leaves the Conservatives no choice but to give further ground, in order to prevent the awful prospect of a ‘rainbow/traffic lights/bunch of election-losing hoons’ coalition.

The forces of the left are deliberately conspiring to keep the most popular political party in Britain out of government. If this had happened if Labour had been the largest party, I have the distinct feeling that the gang of miscreant brownshirt thugs they jokingly call ‘activists’ would be staging riots all over the place, which the BBC would obligingly splatter all over the news.

I am now ready for the uprising. This is a democratic outrage!

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