Monday, 24 May 2010

Getting Rid of Rotten Boroughs

The Government have announced plans to redraw the constituency boundaries and to cut the number of MPs across the country.

Labour have, of course, criticised the plans, as the twisted, bent political system we currently have has served them pretty well so far, being weighted heavily in their favour. Their heartlands are often low-population constituencies, making it far easier for them to obtain seats than other parties. For example, the BBC report that the Western Isles constituency has a population of 22,000, but the Isle of Wight has a population of 110,000. So a vote in the Western Isles is worth 5 times as much. Anyone which considers the current electoral system fair needs to have their head examined.

It all rather smacks of Blackadder, no?

Off on a tangent, type "politicians are" into Google.

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