Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Welcome to the New Politics...

...same as the old politics.

The debate on the Queen's Speech started off much the same as any other - bunches of imbeciles shouting at each other from both sides of the House. Cameron handled his first real address well, and even Harman (though I loathe to praise the authoritarian, militant-feminist, politically correct witch) did well, although Guido Fawkes attributes this to her recent hiring of a comedian to write her speeches.

My first gripe about the new coalition Government is now well embedded, however. One thing that really irritated the hell out of me when Labour were in power was the constant end-running around Parliament by the leaking, or even formal announcement, of policy decisions to the media. The executive should be accountable to the legislative, and therefore policy decisions should be announced first to Parliament, preferably the House of Commons.

Unfortunately, Dave and Nick have been doing exactly the same thing. Which pisses me off.

The love-in in the Number 10 gardens between Dave and Nick was one prime example. The press conference given at the Treasury by David Laws and George Osborne was another. And although the hypocrisy of Labour is difficult to stomach when they illustrate this, they do have a point.

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