Friday, 21 May 2010

Worrying Developments in Europe

Germany has announced today that it is approving its contribution to the Eurozone bail-out fund, which will pay money to countries in the Eurozone struggling with their debts.

The problem is, if the Eurozone agree to help pay down Greece's debt - or anyone else's, for that matter - it is no longer Greece's debt. It is the Eurozone's debt. A common debt, and a common deficit. A common budget.

Well, that's OK, some may argue.

No, it isn't. If you have a common budget, you need a broadly similar taxation system. Otherwise people in some member states, like Germany, will be paying disproportionately more, which isn't fair

Well, you can't have taxation without representation. You need a political body to co-ordinate those taxation decisions. In Western society, we generally call this Government.

And hey presto! Welcome to the United States of Europe. Nobody voted for it, no referendum was granted approving it, no war was fought to create it. It is simply being foisted upon us, and the other peoples of Europe, for our own benefit, because of course those bureaucrats in Brussels know better than the rest of us, don't they?

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