Friday, 23 July 2010

Sex Education

So, sex education in schools is sadly lacking, according to Ofsted. It's caused by a combination of factors:

  • Not enough emphasis on emotional development, relationships and marriage;
  • Teachers themselves being uncomfortable with teaching the subject.
Well, of course the teachers feel uncomfortable about it. I recently attended my cousin's school play, and was astonished to see that their Drama teacher (the Head of the Drama Faculty, no less) was younger than me. He'd only been out of University by a year or two. If I was in his shoes, I'd feel pretty embarrassed about teaching sex education to people within 5 or 6 years of my own age.

And the other point, about emotional development, relationships and marriage. Very important, of course - but I have to admit I'm slightly disturbed by the concept of my own children being taught about emotional development, relationships and marriage by the State. Surely, such things are none of the State's business?

Ofsted's Concept of the State Education System

Perhaps a better approach would be to engage and involve parents in this aspect of a child's education. The State can provide guidance and support, but not instruction. Maybe a child's education should not stop when they leave the classroom. I know that's the case with my children. I know that was the case with me - I learned far more outside of the classroom than I ever did in it.

Just a thought.

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