Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Clegg's Confusion on Trident

The Telegraph has reported that Nick Clegg seems to think that incurring the expenditure of renewing the Trident nuclear deterrent makes it harder to justify cuts to the benefits system.


The job of a State, it's only reason for existence, is to provide security for our society, and to uphold the rule of law. That's it. That's all it has to do. Everything else is an optional extra. Politics is the discussion of what extras we build in.

In a multi-polar world, where the supremacy of the Western powers is waning,  newly-emergent or resurgent nations like Brazil, Russia, India and China look set to take a greater lead, and nuclear proliferation continues (examples include North Korea and Iran), the preservation of our nuclear deterrent is absolutely paramount to the security of our nation.

The benefits system is there to help the most vulnerable in our society, but it is not essential society's survival. Therefore, however laudable it's aims may be, it is an optional extra.

Preventing this is not optional.