Monday, 9 August 2010


I thought I'd comment on the school milk stuff, after a few facts occurred to me.

Damned Expensive Stuff

Putting aside all the 'Maggie Thatcher, Milk Snatcher' tedium, I thought I'd just look at the facts. School milk for 3-5-year-olds costs roughly £50million a year, and gives 1.8million children 189ml of milk a day.

In order to put this into context, 10 kids will go through your standard 2-litre bottle of milk in a day. Standard 2-litre bottle costs around £1.00. So that's 180,000 bottles a day, costing around £180,000 a day, nationwide.

So over the course of a school week, that's £900,000. There's around 39 school weeks in a year, so that's £35million.

So it should cost around about £35million, whereas it actually costs £50million. So why is the scheme overpriced by £15million a year?

The other point is, if 10 kids will go through a bottle in a day, then 1 kid will go through 1 bottle in about 2 weeks. If the scheme was cancelled, it would cost parents about 50p a week. That's about £20 a year. Hardly breaking the bank, is it?

I am a father of two - my eldest benefited from the school milk scheme, and my youngest still does. If the scheme were to be abolished, I'd be more than happy to pay £20 a year for the replacement milk. And my income is not high.

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