Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Kids and the Media

Two thirds of parents think that their children watch inappropriate content on TV before the 9pm watershed, according to BBC article.

I certainly agree. A lot of TV is either mind-numbing garbage simply designed to appeal to the masses to give them the circus element of their bread and circuses, advertising designed to psychologically condition into parting with your cash in exchange for a load of shit that you don't really need, or packed full of sex and violence with no artistic context.

That's why my kids rarely watch it.

Garbage in High Definition (not the TV, just the crap that's put on it)

Seriously. Has it not occurred to people to control what their children watch? My kids, when they watch TV at all, watch films that I have bought on DVD (or blu-ray, as I am a techno-snob), that are pre-approved by me. And they are limited to one a day. The rest of the time, they play with toys, or out in the garden, or read books, or all the other things that children used to do before we retired in fear and loathing of the outside world to the dark confines of our living rooms.

If you don't like what your kids are watching on TV, turn it off.

Just a thought.