Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Case for Defence

Today is the day of the Strategic Defence and Security Review. Dave, aka the Prime Minister, will outline spending cuts to the defence budget, as well as the new direction for defence and security for the next few decades.

My view on defence?

There is one reason for the existence of a State - the protection of the society contained within. To maintain its sovereignty, its independence and to preserve its culture. That's it. That's all a State has to do. Everything else is an optional extra. Politics is the debate about what extras to include.

On top of that, the total defence budget is around £40billion a year, according to the most recent Budget. This is in comparison to the staggering £100billion a year we spend on out-of-work benefits, and the £122billion a year we spend on the NHS.

Cuts to the defence budget make no sense, either financially or practically.