Friday, 22 October 2010

Cuts? What Cuts?

George Osborne unveiled the Comprehensive Spending Review on Wednesday, which was met with a mixture of approval and derision, depending on your political standpoint.

However, it is interesting to note Table A.3 in the report, which lists public sector current expenditure (the country's annual household bills, if you like) in cash terms; that is, not adjusted for inflation - the real, cold hard cash.

The actual departments that are having their budgets cut over the next 5 years are:

  • Transport;
  • Communities & Local Government;
  • Business, Innovation & Skills;
  • Home Office;
  • Justice;
  • Law Officers' Departments;
  • Foreign & Commonwealth Office;
  • Energy & Climate Change;
  • Environment, Food & Rural Affairs;
  • Small & Independent Bodies;
  • Special Reserve;
  • Public Sector Pensions.
Every other department is having their annual budgets increased in cash terms. We will be spending more public money at the end of this Parliament than we are now.

These aren't cuts. They're grazes.