Friday, 17 December 2010

Criminals and the Right to Vote

Following the ruling from the European Court of Human Rights that prisoners in the UK must be given the right to vote, the Government has announced its plans for constitutional changes to allow this.

They are political, conniving, diabolical, and absolutely fucking brilliant.

Anyone serving more than four years in jail will automatically be sentenced to be barred from registering to vote. And judges will have discretion over whether to sentence criminals serving less than that to a similar ban.

By doing this, some prisoners will get the right to vote. But not many.

The government, in the true style of twisted, lying, despicable politicians everywhere, have got off on a legal technicality.

So, a brief letter to HM Government:

James Dennis
A Tangent Reality
The Internet

The Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP
10 Downing Street

Dear Prime Minister,

In light of Her Majesty's Government's recent announcement clarifying their stance on prisoners' right to vote, thank you for introducing me to an amazing new experience: actually being pleased that British politicians are conniving, twisted, despicable, diabolical scumbags. You wouldn't have been able to stuff it up Europe otherwise.

However, please refrain from being bastards to us voters and taxpayers. This caveat specifically excludes anyone who is a member of the Labour Party. You can be bastards to them as much as you like.

Love and kisses,


PS. Leave the EU, and you won't have to be bastards at all. You can even use democracy as an excuse - just hold a referendum. We'll do the rest, I promise.