Thursday, 27 January 2011

'Never Will We Abandon the Euro'

So said French President Nicholas Sarkozy while addressing the World Economic Forum in Davos today.

He went on to say that 'the euro spells Europe. The euro is Europe and Europe has spelled 60 years of peace on our continent, therefore we will never let the euro go or be destroyed.'

This, to me, illustrates the fundamental difference in the way that the British public regard the EU, and how the EU and its proponents regard it. They see the single currency and the EU as one and the same, and that you cannot (or should not) have one without the other. They also see the EU as the principal guarantor of peace in Europe since the end of World War II.

Personally, I thought the principal guarantor of peace in Europe after World War II was NATO, that proud alliance that destroyed Nazism and took a stand against militant and conquering Communism. But according to Sarkozy, it was the EU.

To him, a United States of Europe is the ultimate goal - the surrender of national sovereignty to form a European hegemony stretching from the Ural Mountains to the Atlantic Coast, from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia.

Sound familiar?

The EU. Or not.

France was freed from conquest by Nazi Germany in 1944, by the efforts of the Allies, who became NATO. Over 60 years later, all the blood that was spilled on their account - including by their own soldiers - is being besmirched as their President commits himself to an Anschluss with Germany and every other nation in Europe, which is being foisted on the people of Europe without so much as a 'by-your-leave'.

Once again, I ask the question: do we, as a nation, want any part of this?