Monday, 7 March 2011

Mandelson and Morals

There's an article in the Telegraph today in which the fount of all knowledge and wisdom, Lord Mandelson, states that the British economy will suffer if we don't do business with 'less savoury' regimes such as Libya. 'Employment levels and standards of living' will worsen.

Yes, undoubtedly they will, Lord Mandelson. But that's not really the fucking point, is it? The point is that perhaps we should start practising what we preach, and actually take a moral position on something, rather than just telling every fucker else on the planet to play nice and trade fairly, while at the same time allowing companies to operate in this country who are known to commit human rights abuses abroad?

As they say, principles cost dear - if you want to take a moral position on something, it will invariably involve personal sacrifice. But with you being a self-serving, vile, power-hungry, sycophantic hypocrite, I wouldn't possibly expect you to understand.

A fucking despicable prick.