Friday, 8 April 2011

The Truth-Hiding Jobsworth

We've all had that conversation. When you're trying to get at some information, that you know is in the public domain, but the little bastard on the other end of the phone won't just give it to you, because they've got something to hide.

'Oh, we've published it. It's in our head office. In the basement toilet. The one with no lights, no staircase, smelling quite strongly of piss, inhabited by a mad tramp who is convinced he's Macbeth. In there. It's pinned on a wall, in a cupboard, behind a door that has 'heer be dragons' daubed on it in shit. But it's in the public domain.'


But today, after a lot of patience, internet trawling, and a little bit of lateral thinking, I fucking found the bastard toilet. And it was, undoubtably...

Ha ha, insurance company. Now I really know how shit you are.