Friday, 8 July 2011

News of the World

So, The News of the World is to close down this Sunday, following the allegations of phone hacking.

Some are hailing this as a triumphant victory over Murdoch's armies of darkness. Others at the proper workings of the market.

Rubbish, I say.

Murdoch has simply used the entire incident to cut his operating costs by closing down one of his brands which was already cross-selling another, i.e. The Sun, which has been apparently told to prepare for a 7-day-a-week print.

Market forces haven't closed NOTW, a faux outrage regarding their behaviour has triggered what Murdoch was probably planning to do anyway. If a newspaper can intrude into one person's private life and get away with it, they will do it to others. People weren't complaining when they were simply publishing tittle-tattle about models, footballers and Z-list 'celebrities' - in fact, they lapped it up.

Murdoch has sacrificed the NOTW brand to appease the masses, who, satisfied that justice has been done, will settle down to their bread and circuses once more. Which suits Murdoch down to the ground, being the biggest ringmaster in town.