Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A Jew-Free Palestine

Guido and Prodicus broke the news before me, but I'm more one for passing comment rather than breaking news.

Within days, the Palestinian Authority will present its case for statehood to the UN General Assembly. This move is being opposed by Israel, the US and the UK (unsurprisingly).

Personally, I have no objection to the formation of a Palestinian state, provided that it is recognises that legitimacy, independence and sovereignty of Israel, and that it conforms with international law. And, of course, Israel should extend the same courtesy.

Now, Israel is far from perfect. It has a tendency to over-react in military responses, is effectively engaged in an illegal occupation of the West Bank, and manipulates its lobbying partners to overtly influence US foreign policy in its favour. However, for all its faults, it is a Western-style, liberal democracy, which guarantees the same rights to all of its citizens. It is therefore not helpful when brain-dead, racist fucks like Maen Areikat, the Palestinian Liberation Organisation's Ambassador to the United States, suggests that such a Palestinian state should be free of Jews.

Yes, you are, you ring-piece sucking, cum-felching sack of monkey shite.
Note, that is not free of Israelis, but free of Jews. Israel proclaims to be a Jewish state, but it does not attempt to be free of Muslims - there are many Israeli Arabs, and they have the same rights as Israeli Jews. The UK is effectively a Christian state (although you'd sometimes struggle to believe that), with an Established Church, but it does not attempt to be free of Muslims, Jews, Hindus or any other religion.

So, Mr Areikat, take your fucking despicable anti-Semitism, turn it sideways and lodge it up your fucking dark one. People have fought and fucking died in the most brutal wars in humanity's history to stop the world from being ruled by unmitigated fucks such as you. And try to remember that if you want a Palestinian state, it should observe international law. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights would be a pretty fucking good place to start, and a gentle reminder of what the last nation to adopt such a measure was.

I seriously hope that the opinions of this pus-soaked phlegm glob are not representative of wider Palestinian sentiment.