Friday, 23 September 2011

Science is a Theory

It has been widely reported that (subject to confirmation), researchers at CERN have managed to propel neutrinos (sub-atomic particles) faster than the speed of light. This is monumentally important, as Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity, one of the fundamental cornerstones of the modern science, states that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. If Einstein were to be proven wrong, then a new, more accurate model of our understanding of the Universe is required.

Now, this makes me laugh. Does it ridicule the scientific establishment? Certainly not. Scientists continue to do what they have always done: postulate theories, and test them to destruction, before coming up with something better. No, this makes me laugh as it highlights a massive flaw in the arguments of some militant atheists.

Militant atheism contends that organised religion (particularly Christianity, because nobody complains about that) and its doctrines are fundamentally wrong. We are descended from apes. Evolution proves it. The Earth was not created by God. Relativity proves it. When I have pointed out that science is often not fact, simply a collection of theories that fit most of the facts, I have been derided as a creationist, a zealot and most ridiculously, a child abuser for putting my children into a Christian school.

And now, science has delightfully proven my point. One of the most fundamental theories of science appears to have been proven as incorrect. And therefore, not fact. If it is not fact, then it is opinion, or belief, backed up by empirical evidence, but belief nonetheless.

Clever chap, this one. And if he can't get it right, why should I believe some anti-Christian moron?

Is it therefore possible, with that inherent uncertainty that science presents, that science cannot explain everything? And that, in the gap that it cannot explain, there is a space for faith?