Friday, 28 October 2011

I Agree with #OccupyLSX

Astonishingly, I find myself in agreement with a two-bit, half-arsed, pre-dominantly socialist, hard-left, minority protest group, currently residing in tents outside St. Paul's Cathedral, complaining about capitalism, playing bongo drums and no doubt exploring their 'inner selves'.

The aforementioned bongo-playing #OccupyLSX movement are mostly pre-occupied with protesting against the spending cuts (even though they're necessary, and they're not really cuts, given that public spending has actually risen under the Coalition), ranting about how evil capitalism is (whilst drinking Starbucks coffee and tweeting from their iPads - irony klaxons sounding loudly at this point) and preaching that socialism is the panacea solution to all our woes (although every example of large-scale socialism has failed utterly and actually made things worse, e.g. Soviet Russia, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam - need I go on?).

OK, I don't agree with them on that bollocks. But in the demands that Guido has published, I do agree with them - they are demanding the disestablishment of the City of London Corporation.

Coat of Arms of the City of London Corporation

The Corporation is a political body. It has more devolved power than the Scottish Parliament. It has its own police force and its own permanent lobbyist in the House of Commons. It's officials are elected by the residents and representatives of the companies working in the City of London. Not exactly what I would describe as democratic.

They are calling for its disestablishment and reform. Can't say I disagree with them on that one. They have a point.

The Corporation can keep its police force. But it should submit itself to the exclusive authority of the residents of the City, not the companies that work there. It should have no lobbyists in Parliament - political representation should be undertaken by voters.

So, Murphy's Law has it again - every now and again, even a bunch of pot-smoking numpties will occasionally come across a glimmer of sense. Much like monkeys eventually bashing out the complete works of Shakespeare. Doesn't stop them being numpties, though. Just correct - on this point only.