Tuesday, 22 November 2011

State Funding of Politics

Oh, for Christ's sake...

Apparently, we should now all pay 50p every year to political parties in exchange for putting a donation cap of £10,000 in place, because without unions/non-dom lords chucking them massive wads of cash, our poor old politicians won't be able to afford those duck houses.

How about, FUCK YOU? How about eat my shit, you dick-brained cunts? Maybe I don't want my bloody money going to fund any sodding political party, because you're all as bad as each other - a bunch of social democrat, champagne socialist, authoritarian WANK STAINS, who can't run a bath, let alone a fucking Government?

Here's my proposal for the reform of party funding:
1. The only people who are allowed to donate to political parties are registered, UK-resident & UK-domiciled voters. That's it. No unions, no non-dom lords, no companies, no lobbying organisations. Just voters - the only ones who should have a say in a democracy;
2. A maximum annual donation per voter of £10,000 - and that applies across the board, so you can't donate £10,000 to three parties. That's it. Who in their right minds would want to give £10,000 to a bunch of lying, thieving, incompetent fuckwits anyway?

The effects of these policies? Well, first of all, policies would cease to be at the behest of the major party funders, be it unions, Lords, criminals, lobbyists, or whoever else donates to these shysters. Good. I'm sick of their bloody vested interests. They make me sick.

Second, it would actually make the political parties work hard. To get members who are prepared to fund them. It'd require actually talking to and engaging with the electorate, and finding out how they want their country to be run, rather than just bombarding them with a marketing campaign hoping for their rubber-stamp approval every five years.


Dear Government. This is mine. You can't have it. Fuck you.