Saturday, 21 January 2012

Miliband Thinks We Need a BIGGER Public Sector

Oh, for Christ's sake.

The fount of all knowledge that is the Leader of the Opposition, has come up with the brilliant idea of expanding the public sector to solve the unemployment problem.

Let me give you another basic lesson in economics, Ed. The public sector is funded entirely from tax revenues. Many people working in the public sector pay tax, but they pay less tax than their earnings are in total, ergo on a net basis, the public sector is funded entirely by tax revenues from the private sector, i.e. people NOT working for the State.

Now, we are currently borrowing about £100billion a year, because our tax revenues aren't sufficient to meet the cost of servicing our obligations, which includes paying every public sector employee, from the greediest troughing MP down to the hardest-working dinner lady. So, it's fair to say that, given that we're having to borrow money to pay for our existing public sector, we can't afford it.

And your plan to solve our economic woes is to spend more money?!

Just how fucking clueless are you?