Thursday, 2 February 2012

Political Correctness

Kate Green MP has just tweeted the following:

Yes, that's right - a brand of beer is being stigmatised because it alludes to men being attracted to women, and therefore offends the feministas, who despise the fact that they are female.

Sweet Jesus.

Fine, I therefore demand that is immediately taken down. It objectifies men, and is therefore demeaning. It's a disgrace. Oh, wait, that's somehow OK? Yes, it is, because it's a FUCKING JOKE. Just like the beer.

It does make you wonder what the Politically Correct Thought Police Brigade would do if they started serving Black Sheep Ale in the Parliament Bar. They'd have fucking apoplexies, insisting it's withdrawal from sale because it's racist. Or maybe they'd settle for it being called Ethnic Minority Sheep Ale.

Take your 'right not to be offended', and stick it right up your fucking arse. For that, you make the Gallery.

Kate Green MP - the latest twat I have identified.