Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I have had two brushes with censorship over the last few days, and both of them have made my piss boil.

The first instance was on Monday, when I tagged a few family members in a humorous internet meme on Facebook. It made me laugh, and knowing that they share my sense of humour, I figured it would make them laugh, too.

It was this.

There's about a million photos on the internet like this.

I was right - my family members did find it funny. However, after about half an hour I got a call from one of them reluctantly asking me to take it down, because one of his work colleagues had seen it, and had been offended by it. Because he works in education, it could result in disciplinary action for him.

*breathes deeply*

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! One of MY FAMILY MEMBERS gets threatened with disciplinary action for something I'VE posted?! I DON'T FUCKING THINK SO! They're welcome to come and fucking PICK ON ME ANYTIME. If they've been offended by something I've said, they can come and talk to ME. I'll be more than happy to OFFEND THEM AGAIN.

Cunts. Utter, utter cunts.

Someone pointed out to me that I should respect their opinion.

HORSESHIT. I don't have to respect their opinion AT ALL. Their opinion is ludicrous, infantile and IRRELEVANT. I will respect - even defend - THEIR PERSON, and THEIR PROPERTY. I will ATTACK their OPINION.

It was pointed out that if it was a teacher at my kids' school posting that, I'd feel differently.

No, I WOULDN'T. Because I'm a FUCKING ADULT, and I know when someone's telling a BLOODY JOKE.

Sweet Jesus.

So, upon the request of my family member, I did take the photo down, but only because THEY ASKED. Not because some childish, lip-trembling INFANT was threatening to go screaming to teacher. Good Christ. What the actual fuck is this country coming to?

And then the next bloody thing is this fucking steaming pile of turd. Some bloody committee of MPs (read: collection of useless cunts who can't get real jobs) has come up with the bright idea of blocking pornography from ALL computers, in order to 'protect the cheeeldren'.

No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!

I am all for stopping kids seeing pornography. I fail to see why the bastard, encroaching, motherfucking STATE has any business telling me how to do it. I have stopped my kids seeing pornography by installing a web filter on their PC. It took about ten seconds and didn't cost anything. But this committee seems to think that many parents 'lack the technical know-how'.

SO THE FUCK WHAT? They can't take it to a shop to do it for them? They can't ask a friend/neighbour? They can't FUCKING GOOGLE IT?! You utter fucking SPANNERS. No, the only solution is for the all-wise, all-powerful STATE to assume that responsibility. 'Cos people don't know what's best for themselves.


And when's it going to stop? Once they do it for porn, what next? The next little thing that is regarded as deviant. How about political extremism? Or religion?

Oooh, getting sensitive now, aren't we?

Censorship is a tool used by fascists to close down debate. I'll say what I like, when I like, to who I like. If it offends you, TOUGH FUCKING SHIT.