Monday, 13 August 2012

Socialism: A Thought Experiment

Three blokes get together to go to the pub on a Friday night. One of them earns £100,000, one £50,000 and the other one is unemployed.

Obviously, the bloke who is unemployed can't afford to get his rounds in. So the other two decide to split the cost of the beer between them. The bloke with £100,000 pays two thirds, and the bloke with £50,000 pays one third. The other guy doesn't have to pay anything, but all the blokes have the same amount of beer.

After three months, the guy on £100,000 realises that he's paying not only for his beer, but for the unemployed guy's beer as well. He thinks to himself, 'I don't mind paying for a little while, but three months are starting to take the piss a bit!' So he decides that, actually, he can manage without beer for a while. He stops coming on the nights out.

All of a sudden, the guy on £50,000 is now being expected to pay twice as much, because he's now the sole earner. He can't afford it, and so decides to pack up as well. The only one left on the night out is the unemployed guy, and he can't afford to buy any beer. Indeed, he's never been able to - he only managed to get beer because of the good graces of the other two. Now that they're gone, he can't get any beer either.

So because ONE guy took the kindness of his fellows too far, no one has any beer. Because when we're all poor, then nobody's rich, and that's fair.

This is the inherent failing of socialism.