Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Miliband is Lying Again

'What do they choose as their priority? A tax cut for millionaires. A tax cut for millionaires. Next April, David Cameron will be writing a cheque for £40,000 to each and every millionaire in Britain. Not just for one year. But each and every year. That is more than the average person earns in a whole year.'
Ed Miliband, Labour Party Conference 2012

You see, pal, this is where you are completely and utterly wrong.

First off, jackass, there is a difference between someone who earns enough to pay the so-called Additional Tax Rate and a millionaire. A millionaire is someone who has £1,000,000 in the bank. Someone who pays the Additional Tax Rate has to be earning £150,000 a year. That doesn't necessarily make them a millionaire.

Next, you ignoramus, Cameron isn't going to be writing a cheque to everyone who benefits from the tax cut. He's simply going to stop taking it off them in the first place. You know, because it's their money, and they've earned it. Cameron is merely reducing the rate at which the State robs those people.

Which, again, says something about your attitude towards money, doesn't it? You're implying that the money doesn't, in fact, belong to those people, but it belongs to the State. Really. Well, given that the money was paid to them in exchange for their labour, does that mean that their labour belongs to the State?

Let me establish something quite clear. My money is mine. I exchanged it for my labour, which is also mine. The Government, through the threat of violence, takes some of this money off me. If it were anyone else doing it, it would be classed as extortion with menaces. The Government calls it tax. But that doesn't change the fact that it's my money, not yours.

And socialists wonder why people like me get so upset over State spending? Because it's my money! You put your fucking hands in my pocket and take my money, and then you spend it on shit you think I need. FUCK YOU.

Finally, you insufferable cretin, where'd you get that £40,000 figure from? Oh - here. You see? Even the fucking Guardian thinks your claim is made of something brown and sticky. It applies only to people who are earning £1,000,000 or more. How many fucking people earn £1,000,000 in a year?! A damn sight less than however many have £1,000,000 in the bank. You fucking arse.

And, FYI, just what do you think those few people are going to do with the extra money? Hmmm? Hoard it in the bank? Unlikely - they've most likely got enough in savings. No, jackass - they're probably going to spend it. How evil of them. Fancy rich people increasing the demand for goods and services, creating job opportunities, contributing to increased money velocity and paying VAT... oh, wait.

It's the bloody Laffer Curve in action. Again. Sure, the revenue from Income Tax might drop a bit - although I suspect it will actually rise as people don't go out of their way to avoid such a punitive rate. But it's highly likely that revenue from other taxes, particularly consumption taxes, will go up, and probably by more than the amount the Exchequer has given in the tax cut.

Cut the rate = revenues rise. It's pretty simple economics, really.

You lying smeggy felch-bucket.