Friday, 11 July 2014

Soap Box Moment - Why I'm a Baby-Eating Tory and Proud of It

You know, I get sick to the back teeth of people just assuming that Rightists don't care about things like education, healthcare etc. Of course we do! Despite the Left's best attempts to paint us all as hideous baby-eating monsters (usually rich ones, at that), most of us are actually ordinary people who care about the same things.

The fact of the matter is, however, that these valuable benefits don't just magically materialise out of thin air - they need paying for, and there has to be some restraint in what things are paid for by the State, otherwise we'll go bust. Like we nearly did in 2010 because of Labour's utter economic incompetence. Far from voting to squander these privileges, I'm voting to preserve them, because although the Tories aren't perfect, at least they keep the fucking bailiffs from the door!

And as for the tired, pathetic caricature of Tories being rich toffs, I am a card-carrying Tory. My Dad was a factory worker, my Mum was a dinner lady. I went to the local comprehensive school, and a former polytechnic uni. I am about as far removed from privilege as is possible. Meanwhile, the Labour benches went to the same private schools and universities as the Tories people purport to despise! But that's OK, because being a Tory makes you evil.

I'm fed up of it. I'm not evil - I'm just a working bloke who pays his way, and gets sick and bloody well tired of people accusing me of being a bastard, and trying to freeload on the back of my tax money. I'm sick of having to pay for other people's pensions when I can't afford my own. I'm sick of seeing my tax money being pissed up the wall by Labour's blind stupidity. I'm sick of having to pay tax so that people who can't be arsed to work can buy plasma TVs that I can't afford. And I am sick of Labour's anti-growth attitude that drives people overseas, reducing tax revenues and making it less likely that we can afford decent quality public services!

So you're damn right I'll keep on voting Tory, and I'll keep on donating to them, and do everything I possibly can to keep that lying, hypocritical, incompetent, sleazy pack of rat shit commonly referred to as 'The Labour Party' out of office.