Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Moral Arrogance of the Left

The Left, just now
One of the outcomes of this election, which is simultaneously amusing and terrifying, is how poorly many people on the Left have taken their defeat at the hands of the Tories.

Moral arrogance is the thing which irritates me most about the Left. Many Leftists adopt this unconscionable attitude, which proceeds from the following assumptions:
  • 'I want to make life better for poorer people'. Not unreasonable - most Rightists would not disagree with this laudable aim, myself included;
  • 'It's rich people's fault that poor people are poor'. Err, not necessarily. Is it every British person's fault that Africa is poor? No. The economics are a little more complex;
  • 'The only way of making poor people richer is socialism'. Definitely not. In fact, every time socialism or its variants have been applied, they have resulted in massive failure;
  • 'My assumptions are statements of fact, not assumptions'. This is where I really start to get annoyed, because it means they're not even entertaining the prospect that they could be wrong;
  • 'Anyone who disagrees with my methods disagrees with my motives'. My piss is starting to boil at this point. No, we just think you're wrong and misguided.
  • 'Therefore, anyone who disagrees with Leftist orthodoxy is evil'. *RAGE FACE* STOP BEING SO UNUTTERABLY THICK, YOU TWATS.
It is this presumption of moral superiority which has led an outpouring of grief and rage at the election of a majority Tory government. Many Leftists simply can't accept that their worldview was comprehensively rejected, and that they have lost the argument. In order to stave off the extreme cognitive dissonance, they therefore seek to demonise their opponents.

The responses have therefore included:
  • Bitter hyperbole (I hope you're happy, electorate, for inflicting 5 years of Tory Government on us all!!!!! The NHS will be sold off, the welfare state will be abolished and all schools will be demolished to make way for exclusive Tory-Only cocktail bars, where top-hatted toffs will quaff champagne and bathe in the tears of orphans!!!!!)
  • Political persecution (will all of my customers who voted Tory please identify themselves at the till, so I can apply a 10% Tory Tax to their bill. We're all in this together, etc. etc. - rough translation: I'd like to see my business go bust because nearly 40% of the population won't use it anymore. Or perhaps you'd like us Tories to wear blue stars to identify ourselves?)
  • Patronising arrogance (we didn't lose the election, the electorate just made the wrong choice. We need to educate them to see our way of thinking so that they don't make that mistake again. No - you were wrong, the electorate saw through you and rejected your argument wholly and comprehensively. Deal with it)
  • Making feeble excuses (our voting system is wrong - we need full proportional representation!! Except that PR would have given Labour less seats, UKIP a damn sight more and probably led to a Tory/UKIP coalition. The voting system is inherently biased in favour of Labour, and they STILL lost)
  • Fascistic violence (like vandalising a war memorial honouring those who died fighting fascism and defending democracy, on the anniversary of their victory, because you disagree with the outcome of a fair, free and democratic election conducted the previous day, ludicrously claiming that a freely elected government has no mandate to govern)
  • Astonishing hypocrisy (like making excuses about the voting system and muttering about lack of legitimacy, and yet making no such noises when Labour won a much bigger majority using the same voting system in 2005 with 2 million less votes than the Tories. But that's OK, because it's Labour.
So I'll just lay it out simply for you Lefties.

You lost. Despite the odds being stacked in your favour by a rigged voting system, an unpopular government, heavy social and cultural bias and the country still emerging from the deepest recession in living memory. Despite all of that, your worldview and ideology were completely and comprehensively rejected in a free, fair democratic election. And no amount of excuses, temper tantrums, hypocrisy or moaning is going to change that fact. And if you ever want to get into power again, you need to go back to the drawing board, and change your misguided ideology, because the electorate have seen through your bullshit.

In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the next 5 years of untrammelled Toryism. Hell, yeah!