Thursday, 23 July 2015

On Fathers4Justice

In war there are many factors which determine who is victorious; the lie of the land, the weather, the availability of food, water, equipment and arms, generalship and tactics, and the number of men. But one factor, above all, stands above these: unity. Give me 1,000 men who will stand with their shields locked together, facing down death until the bitter end, and I will win a battle against 100,000 fearful and divided men. The most important command that a man can ever hear is thus: hold the line.

I do not say that every man of my 1,000 will survive - some will fall and must be left behind. But while faith and courage and resolve hold true, whilst each man is prepared to give his all for the others, the line will hold, and the battle will be won.

Hold the line, and I will hold it with you.