Friday, 11 December 2015

Cultural Appropriation? Don't Make Me Laugh

Cultural appropriation is one of those silly, meaningless terms bandied about by hare-brained Leftards in their perpetual quest to Not Cause Offence (tm). The argument goes that if you not a member of a particular minority, then you are Not Allowed to use any symbols, icons, artefacts, concepts or language which pertain to that minority. So, because I am white, I am Not Allowed to wear a Native American head-dress, or an African mask, or learn to speak Japanese, because if I do, it smacks of colonialism, and I might offend Native Americans, Africans or Japanese.

What. Utter. Shit. Does that mean to say that black men are Not Allowed to wear business suits, because they are culturally reserved for white people? Don't be fucking ridiculous.

Yet again, idiotic mongs miss the point entirely. If you're going to have a 'multicultural' society, then surely it is better for all members of society to be equally involved in and familiar with all aspects of that multiculturalism? And that means sharing, merging and enriching each other's culture by borrowing bits from everyone else's. That's perfectly natural, normal and will lead to healthier, happier relationships between communities which are able to relate to each other much better.

The alternative is ghettoising ourselves, and reinforcing the virtual apartheid which causes such racial and cultural tensions in the first place, where every little demographic is pigeon-holed, and needs their own little 'safe space' where they can talk to people just like them. All this results in is grievance, envy and tension, but Leftards fucking love that, don't they? Because then some people are 'oppressed', and they have a cause that they can champion, going out and waving their placards, sticking it to 'The Man' and making themselves feel important.

Wankers. Here's a good deal. I have absolutely no problem with anyone from any minority, be it ethnic, religious or cultural, listening to classical music, wearing a suit, appreciating da Vinci, reading Shakespeare or any of the other great cultural accomplishments of Western society. Good on them. By the same count, what's to stop me having an ornamental katana on my windowsill, learning to speak a foreign language or wearing a Native American head-dress, if I particularly felt like it?

Stop being offended by stuff that doesn't matter. You fucking asswipes.