Monday, 14 December 2015

More Girl Action Figures Needed... Apparently

Just finished reading this bizarre piece on the BBC website which, in keeping with the new feminist tradition of bleating about utterly nonsensical things, maintains that there aren't enough girl action figures, which is, you know, sexist.

Of course, there's a really, really, really fucking obvious reason why there aren't as many girl action figures as boy ones. It's the same reason why there's more Barbie dolls than Ken dolls.

Action figures are bought primarily by or for boys. As boys are the majority consumer of said action figures, rather unsurprisingly, action figure manufacturers focus their marketing at that demographic. And in another stunning development, most boys do not enjoy playing with action figures of girls.

Who fucking knew?

Likewise, dolls tend to be consumed primarily by girls. Hence they are marketed at girls. Hence they are virtually all female with pretty dresses. That's not sexism - that's marketing, you throbbers. And before you go on about gender stereotyping (blah, blah, blah, blah, blah) has it occurred to you that most girls like playing with dolls and boys like playing with action figures because it's in their nature, not because of the nasty and (fictitious) social construct of gender? You dipshits?

Oh, and by the way, gender is a biological difference, not a social construct. Otherwise, behavioural differences wouldn't be manifest in virtually every animal species on the planet. Except they are. Quite why idiot feminists think humans are different when we've evolved from the same fucking pool of muck is beyond me.