Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Brexit and All That

The BBC, putting a wholly negative spin on it, are reporting this morning that the UK may still have to pay into the EU budget after Brexit in order to secure access to the single market, to the tune of £5billion.

'Oh, that's terrible!' say imbeciles with the intellectual capacity of squashed apricots. 'Vote Leave said we could have our cake and eat it! Waaaah! Told you so!'

So let me get this straight. A potential Brexit deal means that we:

  • Repatriate powers on trade, agriculture, fisheries, security, tax and benefits;
  • Regain control of our borders, so we can decide who we let in and when;
  • Restore the supremacy of the British Courts and end the interference of European judges;
  • Ensure that our nation is completely sovereign once again;
  • Have very low-tariff or tariff-free access to the single market; and
  • It costs up £4.6billion a year less than what we're paying now?

Am I missing something here? Surely this is good news?