Tuesday, 20 December 2016


A terrorist attack on a Christmas market in Berlin has left a dozen people dead, and many more seriously injured. A 'Pakistani migrant' who arrived in Germany 10 months ago murdered a lorry driver and then deliberately drove the vehicle into a crowd. ISIS have claimed responsibility for the attack and the radicalisation of the young man in question.

The typical response to this has been, 'but he's a refugee! Why would you attack the very people who have offered you refuge? I just don't understand!'

Allow me to explain.

He wasn't a refugee. He was not fleeing persecution or war. He did not need refuge. He was a criminal - a terrorist, a murderer, a psychopath, waiting for his chance to strike. He coldly manipulated Western sentimentality about 'helping the poor refugees' to bypass border controls and get into Germany. He emotionally blackmailed us into letting him in. He then committed an atrocity that has resulted in the deaths of nearly a dozen people.

These people DO NOT CARE about your compassion, or your sentimentality, or your virtue-signalling. They don't want your help, or your tolerance, or your diversity. They want to KILL YOU. And the only way we can sensibly filter these bastards out is by scrupulously checking EVERY SINGLE PERSON who tries to claim asylum in Europe.

That means that many of them will be turned away. Some of them may die. It's a hard choice to make. But people are dying now. People get shot in theatres, ran over in markets, and blown up on buses and trains. Your Facebook filters and hashtags and candles and vigils aren't going to stop it. Islamism is hell-bent on our utter destruction. They are at war with us, and if we're going to win, then we need to start FIGHTING BACK.